Dark Historical Romance Author
Deep Blue Sea Book One of the Wayward Lords Series Captain Ian Thorne knew becoming a privateer in order to ensure his family’s survival would turn society against him, and until he met the intractable Elinor Gray, he never once regretted his decision. Well respected by his crew and many in the Royal Navy for his integrity and determination, Ian has overcome the stain of his father’s ruin and suicide after many arduous years at sea. Though, now that Napoleon has been exiled, the Royal Navy no longer needs to rely on outsiders for assistance, making the days of legal privateering at an end. Ian must face some difficult decisions regarding his future, however, his growing passion for Elinor Gray has begun to cloud his judgment and make him want things he thought were forever beyond his reach. Elinor Gray at first acquaintance finds Captain Thorne both rude and brusque. But as she uncovers the true man beneath the rough exterior, Elinor discovers a hidden passion within herself that only this stern and foreboding man can unleash. But when her world shatters around her, Elinor is thrown into the ominous world of the illegal slave trade. Ian can save her but at the cost of her most valued possession – her heart.
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