Dark Historical Romance Author
Blood Red Roses Book Two of the Wayward Lords Series Doctor James Douglas has lost his way. After leaving his friends aboard the Milton, James embarked on a journey into the great abyss of debauchery and vice. Months later, he finds himself hopelessly addicted to opium and ready to throw himself off Westminster Bridge in order to find peace at last from the living nightmare his life has become. And he nearly succeeds until a young woman steps in and literally calls him back from the brink. Over a long recovery James is not sure if the mystery woman from the bridge is real or simply an apparition of his drug addled mind. But a chance meeting brings the two face to face once again, and he finds his guardian angel has a secret of her own. Eventually they form a tenuous friendship, James vowing to repay the kindness Catherine bestowed upon him those many months ago. To his dismay, however, James soon discovers Catherine's search will lead them both into London's underbelly where death and misery are close on their heels. But perhaps through their growing bond he can find the peace that he once believed to be forever out of reach.
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